Karl Koenig died early in the morning on January 18th, 2012 after a protracted illness. Should you choose to read about Karl and his career please read this article recently published featuring Karl and his photography.

Chestnut Yorkshire GumoilGumoil prints, such as the one adjacent to this paragraph, were so named by Karl Koenig in his first book published in 1994 by Focal Press.  The term is a composite of Oil Pigments and Gum Arabic (mixed with potassium bichromate for its UV sensitivity) .   Using photographic positives Gumoil is a versatile, but labor intensive process which can yield painterly images on cold press paper or more photographic results if hot press paper is used.  No two prints are ever truly identical and when numbered in  a series they are captioned as “edition variable.”

Gravure prints are also photographic in origin and involve an entirely different set of operations.  A positive image is exposed  under strong light to a metal plate which has been coated with a sensitive polymer layer (marketed as Solar Plates).  When the plate is developed it forms an intaglio surface receptive to lithography inks.  The ink is rolled on and the excess is wiped off before rolling it  under great pressure onto damp paper on an etching press.  Thus, numbered and identical prints are made.

My interests range from agricultural architecture,  vintage structures in New Mexico, creatures of the open market, the residue of the Holocaust camps, memorial sculpture, magnificent trees around the world, and still life images of flora and small objects, especially jeweled ones.  The Gallery offers a small sample of my work in each category.